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Youth services
Education & Youth Services

One of our many programs is the Urban Youth Empowerment Program (UYEP).  UYEP is a program targeted for area youth ages 14-24 living in a high crime, economically disadvantaged area in Fort Wayne that are facing barriers to educational and employment opportunities.

Reliable Staffing Solutions
Reliable Staffing Services

For more than 90 years, the Fort Wayne Urban League has provided a wide variety of services to help thousands of diverse Fort Wayne residents reach their potential, and achieve self-sufficiency for themselves and their families.

Apprenticeship programs
Urban Apprenticeship Jobs Program

If your are interested for a career as a Plumber or an Electrician, the Fort Wayne Urban League is pleased to offer Apprenticeship Prep Training beginning January of 2020. For more information, please call 260-745-3100.

Economic Empowerment

Economic Empowerment

Economic empowerment underlies all programs and services of the Fort Wayne Urban League (FWUL) Inc. Therefore, FWUL’s Economic Empowerment Center targets under-served youth, adults and families, including Asset Limited, Income Challenged populations, by providing financial education and skills-based training that help increase their knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for attaining economic self-reliance.

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The Fort Wayne Urban League empowers African Americans and others to achieve economic independence, including social justice.


The Fort Wayne Urban League will become the premiere institution that secures socio-economic access and opportunities for all citizens.


In 1920, a small group of progressive-minded African American leaders from Fort Wayne realized that a growing number of peers were migrating north to escape the Jim Crow South, thus sought better economic and social opportunities. These residents recognized that migrating African Americans would need help with their assimilation process into northeast Indiana—in terms of acquiring homes and attaining jobs and entering educational institutions. This realization was the impetus behind the Fort Wayne Community Association, and worked primarily to provide organized recreation for youth and social opportunities.

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